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We’re Bside City

A few words about us

Bside City aims to be a hub for immigrant creators, academics, activists and creative people who are willing to share and spread their thoughts on how to build a better community.

As immigrants, we’re able to experience the society that we’re living in a different perspective. We could face issues such as integration challenges, but also enjoy the experience of how the exchange between different backgrounds could drive innovation and development.

Our principals

As a social enterprise, we want to establish principals which will drive our productions.

It’s key to keep transparency to our listeners and supporters. Based on the Sustainable Development Goals, we want to make an impact on topics such as Gender Equality (5); Reduced Inequalities (10) and Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (16).

Inclusive society

Freedom of the press

Against any kind of discrimination

Political Equality

Being informed and getting involved

Environment protection